Dominik Sumer
Dominik Sumer

Hey! 🙌

My name is Dominik and I'm a Web Developer from Austria 🇦🇹

I regularly post stuff about Web Development on Twitter so make sure to follow me if you're interested. 😊

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Projects 🥐

Since I've started diving into software development I worked on private projects to hone my skills. These projects made me the software developer I am today and I still love to work on private projects to keep on track with new technologies.

Here you can see a list of my most impactful projects.


snappify is a powerful design tool for developers. Explain and share your code snippets with the rest of the world.
TrueQ is a platform for developers where they can help each other with their daily problems and build up their personal knowledge base.

Together with Anki I've developed it completely from scratch. I've also done the DevOps part, managing the deployment with Ansible and built up a release process via Gitlab CI. Check out the blog post about our journey for more informations. 😊

on hold
Rising Farms Online is a multiplayer 2D online game. It is a mix of RPG and farmsimulation and completely playable in the browser.

With Rising Farms Online I started my programming journey back in 2010. It was a dream to develop my own game and build up a community for it. I learned so many things with RFO and I am insanely thankful for the experience. Sadly I had to put it on hold in 2019 because of a priority shift.

CV ✌️

After finishing the technical high school I've decided to directly start working in software development professionally. I knew that this was my passion and as I was already programming in my freetime, I really wanted to do this on a daily basis and make a living from it.

seriouscode GmbH
since April 2021
After 7 years of being employed as a software developer it was time to make a dream come true. I am soon going to launch a blog post with more detailed informations. Until then you can check out our website.
Untis GmbH
April 2019 - March 2021
I was employed at Untis as a senior software developer. My responsibilities were the managment of the web-frontend, I did several coordinative tasks and I also found myself implementing stuff in the backend.
Catalysts Logo
Catalysts GmbH

now known as Cloudflight

August 2015 - March 2019
In my time at Catalysts I had the chance to gain so much experience. Of course also in software development, but mostly in project managment, team leading and social skills. I led several projects and did full stack development.
LieberLieber GmbH
LieberLieber GmbH
March 2014 - August 2015
LieberLieber was my first employer and I had the chance to gain first experiences in professional software development. Most of the time I was busy developing Enterprise Architect Extensions with C#.
HTL Ottakring

now known as HTL Wien West

until June 2013
My education at the HTL Ottakring encouraged my interests and skills in software development. I finished the information technology branch of the HTL Ottakring.

Contact 📨

Do you have any questions or would you like to work together with me on a project? Don't hesitate to write me a DM on Twitter or send me a mail.

You can also check out my profile on GitHub

Website built within Austria 🇦🇹